Tips for a safe Family Beach Vacation

Tips For a SAFE Family Beach Vacation

While spending the day at the Beach, soaking up the sun and listening to the waves crash onto the shore is a great way to enjoy your family vacation, it is also a place where you could be exposed to many hazards.  Below are a few safety tips to make your beach vacation enjoyable, safe and memorable:

1. Learn to Swim

The first thing to do before heading on a beach vacation is to make sure the members of your family are able to swim, and most importantly, stay afloat.

2. Pay Attention to Local Warnings

Before entering the water, have a look around for the lifeguard tower and check with the lifeguards on duty what the wave conditions are like. Also, keep an eye out to see what colour flag is raised:

  • Double Red: Water is closed to the public

  • Red: Rough conditions - take great care

  • Red/Yellow: Lifeguard supervision

  • Yellow: Moderate currents present

3. Enter the Water Feet First

Do not dive into the water until you know the depth. Never dive head first into the water, even if you know how deep it is because conditions under the water are always changing.    

4. Real Drowning Doesn’t Look the Same as on TV

Drowning is the second most common cause of accidental death among children. A drowning person will only struggle on the surface for 2-60 seconds; they cannot wave for help and their bodies remain upright in the water.  Remain vigilant and be aware of your kids where-abouts in and around the water at all times.

5. Take Regular Breaks

There are also dangers outside of the water. Exhaustion, sunburn and heat stroke are all common problems we see from spending the day at the beach. Always take short breaks throughout the day to seek shade, to drink water, have a snack and apply sunscreen.  

6. Swim With a Buddy

Always try to swim with one or more individuals to help spot each other.  Cramps, exhaustion and sudden on-set of rough water conditions can quickly affect your ability to swim or stay afloat.  A buddy can quickly call for assistance, or help you reach safety.

The purpose of a family vacation is to relax, spend quality time with your loved ones and make lifelong memories. Following these precautions to stay safe at the beach should help you do just that.  Register your little one in our Summer swimming session and get ready for your next Beach vacation. We have two options to choose from:

1.      Summer Camps: Students swim every day (Mon-Fri) for 2 weeks at the same time daily.

2.      Summer Prep Program: Students swim 1x per week on Sat or Sun (depending on location) for 8 weeks (July 6/7 to Aug 24/25)

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