At Swim Clo we teach people to "Learn to Swim in a 1/4 of the time."*
What other programs do in 3-4 years we do in 1 year therefore saving you the most precious commodity 'TIME'. 

The financial investment for lessons vary in between $18.50-79.50 per class depending on the number of students registered and on the lesson duration (30 mins, 45 mins or 60 mins). To find out exact prices of a class, please visit our [[Registration page]].
Please note Swim Clo may be more than other programs however we do what other programs do in 3-4 years in 1 year so in the end you will have spent the same amount with them in 4 years that you would have spent with us in 1 year and have wasted a lot of time. We will save you time (the most precious commodity) and of course money in the long run.

If you are viewing this on a phone, please rotate your phone sideways to see the full price grid properly.

Price Grid: Prices do not include GST (add 5%)
30 min $37.75 $25.75 $21.00 $19.25 $18.50
45 min $55.75 $37.50 $30.00 $28.25 $26.00
60 min $73.75 $49.50 $39.50 $37.25 $35.00

*Results may vary


There are lots of great reasons to refer your friends to Swim Clo, such as helping them and their families become water safe and fit.

Need another reason to refer a friend? Here’s $50!

So let us thank you for spreading the word! It’s easy! When you spread the word about our programs and this results in a new client enrolling with us for a minimum of 10 classes, or one full session, you will automatically receive a $50 credit on your account which you can use for swimming lessons. Just make sure your friend puts your name down at the time of registration as the person who referred them! In order to claim your referral credit, please text us at 604.341.6069 once your referral has completed 10 lessons, or one full session with us, and we will apply the credit to your Swim Clo account.

Referring your friends to Swim Clo makes sense. So don’t delay… refer a friend today!