Winter Registration on Now: January 8 - March 25

Welcome! You have come to the right place as we teach our students to 'Swim in a ¼ of the Time' thanks to our unique Learn-to-Swim-Program that works. That being said the Financial Investment up front with us may be more than other programs, however what other programs do in 3/4 years we do in 1 year! Therefore, you are spending the same amount of money but learning to swim 4 times as fast! Summary is we will save you time (the most precious commodity) and frustration! 

Here is some helpful Information to help with your registration:

1) Proration: if you are registering after the start date, don't worry, we will prorate your fees before charging your credit card.

2) General Info: We encourage participants to swim 2x weekly whenever possible for the full session. We update our schedule often with new openings. Check back often.

3)    Scheduling: if you cannot see a lesson time within your budget or the class you want appears "FULL" or is not the length you are looking for, contact us and we will try to accommodate

4)    Customized lesson plans: Our classes are organized by times rather than skill level therefore there may be multiple levels in a class.  That being said the coach will customize lesson plans for each swimmer.

5)    Special lessons: If you are interested in our Junior or Senior Lifeguarding program, a "Family Lesson" whereby you and your child swim in the same class, a Parent and Tot class with others or your child is special needs please contact us so we can arrange a lesson time for you. 

6)    Confirmation: The schedule is subject to change and we will confirm your class time and process your payment within 1-3 business day after you registered. 

7)    Credits: If you have a credit on file from a referral, additional student etc.. please inform us in the "comments section" and we will take off the credit from your total tuition fees before your credit card is charged.

8)    GST: Tuition fees do not include GST. Please expect an additional 5% added when we charge your credit card.

9)    Perpetual Registration (automatic registration): When you register in a session (excluding Summer) you are signing up for our 'Perpetual Registration' program meaning you will be automatically re-registered in the same time slot for the following session during Spring session. Further information including withdrawal deadlines are provided to you during the session via email and text.

In order to view the Winter Schedule, please answer the questions below. Once you have answered all questions you will be able to view the class times and rates available to you. If a class appears "FULL" reach out as we might be able to open up space. Once you find a class that works for you click the yellow "REGISTER" button to register. 


Please note: After you click 'Register' on a class, you will see a prompt "Already a customer?". If you have already swam with us, you can go ahead and log into your account to register. Otherwise, you need to complete the full registration form.

Which of our locations would you like to register in?
SS = South Surrey, TSW = Tsawwassen, CLOV = Cloverdale, LAN = Langley, ABB = Abbotsford

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