Hey Ryan,

It is with sad news that we announce the closing of our Vancouver school as we are not able at this point to find another location despite 100 hours of blood, sweat, and tears. Last day of lessons will be Sunday, Nov. 19. We have emailed clients today letting them know that the school is closing....please note some will be very shocked and disappointed...:

It is unfortunate that we must announce the temporary closure of our Vancouver school as the hotel is changing ownership and the hotel will be undergoing renovations. While we had secured a backup location for this occasion, the arrangement has unfortunately just fallen through.
The final day of lessons will be Sunday, November 19.

We would like to continue our business in the Vancouver area, in the near future. That being said, if you have any connections to a hotel, condo, or other pool, please let us know and a $200 finder’s fee could be yours.
We have the following 3 options for your credit on file:
1.     Use it at one of our other schools: Click here to see our other schools.
2.     Keep it on file: We will keep your credit on file. It will never expire.
3.     Have it refunded: Send an email to info@swimclo.com
Please note: online access to your account will always be available to you, via your parent portal, if you need to download previous invoices, etc…

We would like to thank you for your understanding on this matter and your continued support. You’ll be the first to know when we are back up and running.

.....That being said this is what you need to know and follow..:

1.     Report cards, for your classes, will need to be handed out this Monday, November 6 as this will be your final class due to Remembrance Day (no class). When fillling out report cards please Make sure first and last name is on front of card, date to write in comment section is Nov 6/2017. Use the white sticky comments that are already written for you (but make sure applicable...don't pick a sticky that says elementary back stroke when a kid is level 2....if you want you can write your own comments however make sure they follow the sandwich approach..(something positive, something to work on, something positive).....If a child in incompleting use the incompletion sheet (found in report card bin) to write the comments...and don't tick off every box...leave at least half (especially leave blank the front and back). 

2.   Hand out report cards to all your students by following procedure:..........this is how i would like you to do it...adjust this accordingly if necessary..remember if a kids swims 2x a week..the second coach will hand out the report card...by this i mean.. the coach that has the student the last day in the week..

a. at beginning of class..tell parents to come back 5 minutes earlier today so there is time to discuss report cards...

b. at end of class get out 10 minutes early...wrap kids in towels... sit in a circle for 5 minutes with kids....go over their report cards with them each individually telling them what they did well and what they need to work on....don't let them hold the report cards just show them as they will crumple them and get them wet...give them a high 5...and tell them you are so proud of them...

c. give them knuckles and say its been so fun, so proud of you... then meet parents...

d. tell parents your proud of them...they completed their level..tell them what their next level is...give them some feedback on what you would like to focus on (kicks is always a good one..if your stuck)...let them ask questions.....

e. if a kid incompletes the level...focus on the positive and say how well they did and what you saw improve but this level is very tough and lots of kids need more time in this level...show what they need to work on....give parents homework to help...

f. if parents are unhappy with the kids level...just do what they want...move them up and update the report card...no point arguing... 

3.     Please email in what you have for the OH re-reg chart.

4.     Let us know if you’re interested in subbing more now that you have fewer hours and we will make you a priority.

5.     Please leave your Vancouver binder with all info pages etc. in the vancouver school bin...... all report cards that are not picked up ..should remain in your binders in the proper slip cover at the proper school so i can find them......remember to leave your binders tidy

6.     Please leave your swipe card in the money box.