Dear Valued Swim Clo Clients,

Below you will find Winter Registration Information, Open House dates for Fall, closure dates, etc.:

Winter Registration Dates for the Calendar:

  • As per our Perpetual Registration policy: You are automatically re-registered for your current time slot for Winter Session (January 8 - March 25: 11 weeks). You have three options: 1) stay in your current time slot 2) switch time slots 3) withdraw from the upcoming session. (See below).

  • If you are wanting to keep your time slot: You do not need to do anything other than log into the portal and ensure your personal info is correct (ie: cell number, email address and credit card info): Other than that we have automatically enrolled you! On or around Friday, November 17, we will be emailing you your statement, stating your tuition fee for Winter session so you can see what we will be charging to your credit card. It is not necessary to respond to this statement, only if you have questions or concerns. On or around Friday, November 24 we will be charging your credit card for the full tuition as stated on the email statement. On the statement you will also see a link to the “Information for Winter” email which has a form to complete and turn in at the first lesson and all important Winter dates. In the unlikely situation that your class size does not meet the minimum size, you will receive a text or email notifying you and giving you the option to reduce your class duration or pay the difference in fee.

  • If you want to switch time slots but your current time slot IS NOT a Deal Breaker: We highly recommend if your current time slot is not a deal breaker, that you keep it and on Wednesday, November 22 (Priority Registration to switch your spot) you can go online and see if there is another time that works better for you. If there is a better time, you can register yourself by logging into your account, then upon receiving your new registration we will withdraw you from your original time slot. Please note the updated Winter schedule is already online to start planning your switch if need be.

  • If you have to switch time slots because your current time slot IS a Deal Breaker: Please follow the withdrawal procedure below (of contacting us). Keep in mind that if you give up your time slot it automatically becomes available for other clients to take. Visit our Winter registration page to view the updated Winter schedule and start planning to find a more suitable time. On Wednesday, November 22 (7am) you can register for the class of your choice. Please note we will be updating the schedule often so more openings do become available so best to check often.

  • If you want to withdraw: In the case that you want to withdraw from Winter, please note we were very full during Fall session with 565 students per week and expect to be busier in Winter session. We highly recommend you reach out and discuss any questions, concerns or feedback before withdrawing as once you have withdrawn your time slot becomes immediately available for other clients to take. If in the case that you have a scheduling conflict for Winter session and can’t make your time slot, don’t worry we will try our best to accommodate a switch of classes, at least you will have a time slot and we can try switch you with another family. If you still wish to withdraw, you need to notify us, via email, by providing the following by email (not text and not by phone) to by 9am, Monday, November 20 and wait for confirmation back from us to ensure your have been successfully withdrawn. Please include the below information in your withdrawal email:
  • Name of swimmer(s)
  • Swim School Location (ss, tsw, van, clov, lang)
  • Class Day and Time you are withdrawing from
  • Reason for Withdrawal (e.g. you are switching to another day, you are doing another sport, schedule conflicts, budget, expectations have not been met)
  • Dates for the Calendar:

  • Wed, Oct. 11: Updated Winter schedule will be online for you to start planning if you are wanting to switch your class time.
  • Tue, Oct. 31: no class: Halloween
  • On or around Fri, Nov. 17: Tuition fee statements for Winter will be emailed out (please check junk/promotions folder for your statement). Please note there will be a $17, per family, admin fee added on when your credit card is charged.
  • Mon, Nov. 20 (by 9am): Last day to withdraw from Winter Session.
  • Wed, Nov. 22 (7am): You can register yourself for a different time slot if you wanted to switch or register children not currently registered.
  • On or around Fri Nov. 24: All confirmed Winter clients’ credit cards will be charged for the full tuition as stated on the email statement.
  • Tue, Nov. 28: Registration will open to the public.
  • Thu, Dec. 21: Last day of Fall session.