Safety Tips Around Your Backyard Pool

On a hot Summers day, there is nothing better than taking a refreshing dip in a swimming pool. Those who are lucky enough to have access to their own private pool can face some major safety hazards. Here are our top tips to keep you and your kids safe around your backyard pool:

1. Learn to Swim: 

The most important method of prevention is learning to swim. It is essential that everybody in your home knows how. Swimming is a very important life skill that helps keep you and your kids safe in the water.  

2. Supervise Children Closely: 

Never leave a child unattended around your pool or hot tub. Even if your child is confident in the water and can swim, there should always be at least one set of eyes on them at all times.

3. Install Pool Barriers: 

One of the best safety measures for your backyard pool is to construct a pool fence on all four sides. This will keep kids out of the water when you’re not outside to supervise them. Make sure gates used to access the pool are self-closing and self-latching. It is also advised to install a safety cover for your pool.

4. Have an Emergency Plan in Place: 

  • Keep rescue equipment by the pool – such as life rings or a reaching pole. 

  • Make sure all the adults in your home have CPR and first aid training. 

  • Have a phone poolside with emergency numbers.

5. Implement Pool Rules 

Educate your pool guests on what is acceptable behaviour around the pool. For example: No pushing, No running on the pool deck, No diving in the shallow end.

6. Avoid Entrapment: 

It is important to update your drains with anti-entrapment safety covers as the suction from some drains can easily trap children and adults.

7. Inspect for Hazards:

Make sure pool toys and cleaning equipment are stored away from the pool deck when not in use.

We hope you enjoy the pool, as it’s a great source of activity and social gathering for familiy and friends.  We encourage children and adults of all ages to swim, and to be comfortable around water. We offer lessons year-round, so it’s always a good time to learn to swim!  Join us in our next Fall Session today!  

Keep Swimming~