4 Things We’ve Learned from Teaching Swimming

Learning how to swim can be a big step in your kids’ future. There are a lot of things to learn; from floating in the water, to paddling around, to pool safety. Over the past 25 years, we’ve taught countless children how to swim, and we have learned a few things ourselves along the way.

Here’s what we’ve learned from teaching kids to swim:

  1. Begin with basics, then take simple steps. This begins with showing your baby what the water feels life, and slowly building from there. Learning fundamental lessons early, such as how to breathe and remain comfortable in the water, lead to long term success.

  2. Constant, positive reinforcement is key. Celebrating new accomplishments, no matter how small, help build a sense of growth and confidence in kids. This keeps children motivated, and allows them to challenge themselves more and more.

  3. Any challenge can be overcome, with the right support. We’ve seen kids go from crying at the sight of water to excitedly jumping into the pool, ready for their swimming class. Learning how to swim is a big challenge, but, kids are resilient. With the combined support of parents, coaches, and peers, any challenge can be overcome.

  4. Swimming is fun! Although swimming lessons are designed for your kids to learn a crucial skill, they are also designed to be fun. Splashing around in the water is not only a good form of exercise, but it’s also great fun for the kids. Furthermore, a long swim in the pool can be tiring, giving parents some fun relaxation time while their sleepy little ones are resting.

Learning how to swim ensures your child’s basic safety in the water, but learning how to become a better swimmer can allow them to feel more accomplished and more confident in the water. Our Spring swimming lessons are open and we welcome everyone to our classes.  Join us today by registering here http://www.swimclo.com/register

Happy Swimming~