Why Swim All Year?

It seems natural to a lot of us that swimming lessons are a way of getinng ready for summer and so, come Fall and Winter, there is no reason to stay in lessons….. think again! Wondering why you should swim all year? 

Swimming is an important skill that should be pursued for several reasons:

  1. There may be other sports, but swimming should be viewed as a life skill akin to reading and writing.  Swimming may in fact save your child’s life, or possibly another person’s life. Just like at school, consistant practice is important for your child to develop their swimming skills, which is why we encourage having lessons all year round as much as possible!  Without consistancy, your child will naturally regress and you’ll find that next Winter or Spring, your child (and your wallet) will be doing some catching up!

  2. Swimming is ranked by professionals as one of the top three sports because it develops coordination, cardiovascular and muscular endurance.  It’s also low stress on their joints and growing bones due to the hydrostatic pressure, and teaches them how to control their breathing which would be beneficial for children with high stress, allergies or anxiety.

  3. Are you worried your child will be too tired from being at school all day to participate in an after-school swimming lesson?  Your child has been sitting at school for the majority of the day; being physically active will actually give them more energy!  Health Canada recommends that children have at least 60 minutes of exercise per day. We offer swimming lessons from 30, 45 and 60 minutes to accommodate your child’s growing physical activity needs!

  4. Swimming in a small group with other students will help develop social skill in your child!  Our lessons have a maximum of 4 - 5 students per session. That means our swim instructors have an opportunity to create a special bond with the class, and also to your specific child!  Your child will also learn to work with the other students, and to also create a friendship with them as well!

Swimming is a great all-around activity that can be practiced all year round.  It doesn’t have any weather requirements, just a love for swimming! Let us help nurture your children’s love to learn by registering today for our Fall swimming session (Sept 4 - Dec 23) at


Keep Splashing~!