It’s summer break and you’re thinking “school’s out, that means all activities are also on hold until September!” right?  That is a common way to think, but there are benefits to continuing lessons for your child during the summer. Your child worked hard to get where they are now, so why let that go to waste?  If they take a 4 month break, they’ll need another 2-3 sessions before they are back in form, which detracts from their overall growth. Consistency is key to retaining a skill on a permanent basis; without it, your child will naturally regress!

If you’re looking for a safe activity that will entertain your little ones over the summer, consider taking a summer session this year!  We are running sessions at all our 4 locations and we are quickly filling up so register today! Our summer sessions are short term commitments.  Each session is a 2 week camp, giving you the flexibility to travel around sessions! Summer swimming lessons are an accelerated program with lessons running 30, 45 or 60 minutes daily from Monday to Friday for 2 weeks!  We have lessons from the morning to the evening, which allows your child the flexibility to schedule your day.

Are you going on vacation and want to make sure your child is comfortable in the water?  Register for a summer session as a crash course to prepare your child! Summer lessons are ideal for young children to allow them to get comfortable in the water.  In addition, daily practices leads to a quicker progression in skills, and will make them stronger. The accelerated summer camps will help prepare your child for your summer vacation pool times!

You can check class availability and register here at http://www.swimclo.com/register-summer/

Keep Splashing~!