If you want to keep your lesson time: you do not need to do anything other than log into the portal and ensure your personal info is correct (i.e.: credit card info, cell number, email address). However, if you change your mind later on, remember, we have a 14 day cancellation policy whereby you can withdraw from lessons up to 14 days before the session begins for a full credit to your Swim Clo account. Other than that, we have automatically enrolled you!

  • Click here to log into your parent portal to update your information (credit card, cell number, email address, address, etc.)

  • On or around Friday, May 31, we will be emailing you your statement, stating your tuition fee for Fall session so you can see what we will be charging to your credit card. It is not necessary to respond to this statement, only if you have questions or concerns.

  • On or around Thursday, June 6, we will be charging your credit card for the full tuition as stated on the email statement. If your credit card details are not up to date and the transaction declines, there will unfortunately be a $10 re-charge fee for every attempt. We will attempt to charge your card every 48 hours.

  • On the statement you will also see a link to the “Information for Fall” email which has a form to complete and turn in at the first lesson and all important Fall dates.

  • In the unlikely situation that your class size does not meet the minimum size, you will receive a text or email notifying you and giving you the option to reduce your class duration or pay the difference in fee.