We are looking for Swimming Instructors who want to change lives and be treated like family. If you like fun challenges, this may be your new job.

Guaranteed Shifts Available:

1. Weekday (Mon-Fri) positions: 2:30pm-7:30pm
2. Weekend (Sat/Sun) positions: 9am-2pm
3. On call positions


1. Certification in NLS, WSI and SFA required.

Why Us?:

1. Competitive pay: $20-25 to start.
2. Supervisory experience which allows independence and personal growth.
3. Small group lessons taught in warm water (not wetsuit needed).
4. We optimize learning by having a private learning environment where it is just you and your student(s) in the pool area.
5. Our training is paid and free and will help you become more of a superstar than you already are.
6. You get to pick your shifts based on your availability.
7. You become a Leader in Aquatic Education because the 'Swim Clo' program is innovative and ahead of the curve.

Want $200?:

If you know someone who might be interested in this job posting, please spread the word. We have a $200 gift card for anywhere you choose if you refer us to a successful candidate.

Pool Locations:

1. Abbotsford: North Parallel Road/Whatcom 
2. Cloverdale East: Hwy 10 near 192 Street 
3. White Rock: King George Blvd: between 24th Ave and 156th St. 
4. Walnut Grove: 204th St and 88th Ave. 
5. Cloverdale West: 64th Ave, near 176th Street.

Thank you so much for your interest in working with the Swim Clo Aquatics team! Don't miss this great opportunity - make sure you submit your answers as soon as possible, as we want the successful candidate/s to start training ASAP! If you have any questions please feel free to text us at 604-341-6069 or email info@swimclo.com.

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Are your NLS, WSI, and SFA certifications current? *
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Next steps for applicants who meet our criteria typically involve the following (please note we communicate via text message through this entire process):

  • We will email suitable applicants an availability chart to establish the days and hours you are available and at which locations, please return this by the due date, along with your resume.

  • We will provide you with a sample contract for review.

  • We will coordinate phone interviews and practicals from here for suitable applicants.

  • Once the interview process is completed and a contract is signed, training is arranged and shifts are assigned.