Hi Coaches,

There have been two incidents over the last few days that the owner of the Cloverdale hotel has reached out about regarding disgruntled Swim Clo clients complaining to her about the removal of the hotel pool towels in the change rooms.

If you have any upset clients, try to calm them down and say "sorry you missed the text and email from admin regarding this" and to email admin with any questions. Your number 1 job is to ensure that they do not go to the front desk to talk about their dissatisfaction over the removal of the hotel towels as this compromises hotel contract.

Please note we will be out of office until Tuesday, November 13 due to the long weekend and inaccessible to clients (but always accessible to you). Below is the email we sent to clients. Please read so we're on the same page.

Dear Valued Clients,

Thank you to everyone who has been bringing their own towels to lessons as opposed to using hotel towels as doing so has helped us maintain our positive relationship with the hotel. 

For any clients not bringing your towel to swim lessons, please start bringing your towel to lessons starting immediately as there are no longer hotel towels available. We have noticed some families bringing two towels from home to lessons: one to dry your child off and one to put on the floor, or having their child wear flipflops, as opposed to using hotel towels, which we really appreciate.

It is very important that if you have any concerns about the pool towel policy, or any other policy, please reach out to Swim Clo, as opposed to the hotel, as the hotel is a separate entity and Swim Clo simply rents the space from the hotel. Any families who are found compromising our hotel contract by speaking to the hotel staff about this towel policy, or any other issue, will be contacted by Swim Clo admin and admin may unfortunately have no choice but to remove the family from program as it is essential that we maintain our positive relationship with the hotel so we have a place to swim.

Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation.