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Swim Clo Aquatics and Fitness Inc offers the finest private SWIM LESSONS and LIFESAVING/LIFEGUARDING education programs. We are in partnership with the Red Cross and the Lifesaving Society. We serve the communities of Tsawwassen, South Surrey, Langley, Cloverdale, Abbotsford and are coming soon to Richmond, Coquitlam and the North Shore. 

Our Programs include:

  • Swimming lessons
  • Certification programs in Life-saving and lifeguarding

Our swimming lessons focus on customized, small-group or one-on-one instruction in an intimate, private setting. Participants in our programs achieve goals that are far above average expectations due to our unique Learn-to-Swim program known as the "Swim Clo program," excellent instruction, maximum participation, customized lesson plans and small class sizes to name a few.

“My 3 year old fell into our backyard pool, while reaching for a toy, he was fully clothed and unsupervised. He saved himself by using what he learned at Swim Clo”
— Tina
When my 4 year-old started with Swim Clo he couldn’t even put his head under. In 3 months he is now treading water for 10 minutes
— Andrea


Babies & Preschoolers

Ages - 6 months to 6 years

A fun seven-level preschool program with flexible entry and exit points -children enter levels based on age and then progress based on either age or ability.

Swim Kids

Ages - 6 to 12 years

A 10-level program fits with today's swimmers; kids can progress through all levels and feel proud of their achievement.
Swimming and water safety skills are taught in the water so kids are always active and wet -this approach promotes success and encourages lifelong fitness.

Teens & Adults

Ages - All Teens and Adults

To meet the needs of adults and teens learning to swim, improving their fitness or staying active in the water, the Red Cross has designed three programs that teach swimming (Red Cross Swim Basics), develop or improve strokes (Red Cross Swim Strokes), and sample a variety of aquatic activities (Red Cross Swim Sports). The programs can be customized to meet swimmers' individual goals and rate of progress. The personalized approach for stroke development is suitable to teen and adult learning styles.

Junior Lifeguards

Ages - 7 years to 12 years

The Lifesaving Society Swim Patrol program is a three-level progressive series and is a Pre-Bronze program. Candidates earn recognition for success in content modules and for overall award achievement. The program aligns with the Red Cross program in improving aquatic safety through education. Children usually enter this program at age 7 to 12 years of age depending on their swimming ability and their interest.

Senior Lifeguards

Ages - 12 years +

The Lifesaving Society Bronze Family program is a three-level program starting with Bronze Star, continuing with Bronze Medallion, and ending in Bronze Cross. Bronze Cross is one of the prerequisite awards for all advanced lifeguarding (NLS) and leadership training programs (AWSI, WSI, LSI). Successful candidates can earn high school credits towards graduation.

Drowning is the second leading cause of preventable death for children under 10 years of age in Canada!!!

One of our aims is to help prevent drowning. It is so important that parents find the right education for their families to ensure that all family members attain swimming and lifesaving skills. We all need to be prepared to save ourselves and others in an aquatic emergency. REGISTER WITH US TODAY!