We focus on customized, small-group or one-on-one instruction in an intimate, private setting. Participants in our programs achieve goals that are far above average expectations due to the Swim Clo program, excellent instruction and small class sizes. In summary, our students learn to swim in a 1/4 of the time!

We teach the Swim Clo program in conjunction with Red Cross Swim programs to infants (6 months and older), preschoolers, school-aged children and adults. These programs meet the emerging needs of Canadians by teaching them how to be strong swimmers and how to be safe around water. They also encourage increased physical activity. Lessons are taught in an enjoyable learning atmosphere that utilizes play, creative expression, self-discovery and independent thinking to achieve the goals of the lesson.



Let's make a Splash!

  • A fun seven-level preschool program with flexible entry and exit points -children enter levels based on age and then progress based on either age or ability.
  • Colourful, fun mascots that are used on stickers and progress booklets created specifically for preschoolers. 
  • Seven levels increase opportunity for parents and their children to take swimming and water safety lessons at an earlier age -babies as young as six months old may be enrolled and may participate in program with solely the instructor or with their parent and the instructor. Older preschoolers learn in small groups with a qualified instructor.



At Swim Clo, we strongly encourage families to get their babies swimming as young as 6 months to kick start the life skill of swimming and water safety. For our babies/toddlers, we offer families the option to either have private one-on-one lessons (a parent does not need to be in the pool) or parent and tot lessons (where parent and child go in the pool together with other parents). 




Your child will love the water! At each level, we teach skills relating to swimming, fitness and water safety. ’

  • Children move through the first two levels based on their age and the next five levels based on skill and ability. Assisted by their parents, preschoolers learn basic swimming skills such as breath control, buoyancy, arm and body movements and progress to more advanced skills such as floating, gliding, kicking, and swimming up to 10 metres. ’
  • All swimming skills start with safety, so children and their parents learn how to stay warm, when and how to get help, choking prevention and the best ways to enter and exit the pool.
  • ’ Fun is the key to this program, so as children learn they enjoy games, songs and relay activities making learning enjoyable -- from little Starfish to graduation as swimming Whales. 



STARFISH: (4 - 12 MONTHS): Babies and their caregivers work on getting wet, buoyancy and movement, from, back and vertical position in the water, and shallow water entries and exits.

duck .png

DUCK: (12-24 MONTHS): Babies and their caregivers work on rhythmic breathing, moving forward and backward, front and back float with recovery, and shallow water entries and exits.

TURTLE: (24-36 MONTHS): Toddlers and their caregivers work on submersion, front and back floats and glides, jumping into chest-deep water with assistance, kicking on front and back swim.

SEA OTTERS: (3-5 YEARS): Swimmers work on improving their front and back floats and glides, kicking in front with a buoyant object, and will be able to swim 1 metre upon completion of the level.

SALAMANDER: (3-5 YEARS): Swimmers work on improving their from and back float and jumping into chest-deep water unassisted. Kicking is added to the front and back glide and swimmers will be able to swim 2 metres upon completion.

SUNFISH: (3-6 YEARS): Swimmers work on kicking and can perform glides (front and back), enter deep water safely, float in deep water, swim with a PFD, and swim 5 metres continuously.

CROCODILE: (3-6 YEARS): Swimmers further develop the front and back glide with kick, front and back swim, jump into deep water, swim with a PFD in deep water and swim 10 metres continuously.

WHALE: (3-6 YEARS): Swimmers increase their distance on front and back glide with kick, increase distance on front and back swim, learn the sitting dive, and will be able to swim 15 metres continuously upon completion of the level.